Broadly speaking, our consulting work is segmented into three competencies -strategy & communications, talent & organization performance, and innovation.

Craftworks optimizes human capital and innovative strategies to maximize success.


Thoughtful Insight and Guidance

Craftworks focuses on developing businesses, products, and services as swift and cost-effective as possible.  

We utilize rapid discovery techniques to shorten product development cycles.

We help you analyze your infrastructure, the product or service you want to offer your customers, and the finances needed to meet your objectives.  

We are able to discover segments of opportunity that are ordinarily hidden from view.  Our innovative strategies help validate ideas by translating them into a rational and visual description of how you can create and deliver value.

Your business will benefit and advance in the following areas:

  • Innovation Management

  • Building cross-industry networks

  • Lean Business Development 

  • Design Thinking

  • Driving Market Strategy and Benchmarking the Technology Adoption Life Cycle

  • SWOT Analysis and SMART Goals

  • Business Plans and By-Laws

  • Applying intelligence and innovation

  • Developing Value Propositions

  • Identifying Customer Segments

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Corporate structure, procuring finance and raising capital

  • Research and Development

  • Analyze cost structure, distribution channels, and revenue streams

  • Connecting with agencies and strategic partners

  • Value engineering - reducing cost while maintaining service

  • Product Innovation Charters

  • Stage Gate - Product Development Processes



Grow Your Business

Craftworks has extensive experience in virtually all forms of marketing and branding.  We help you influence, shape and sustain customer mindsets.

The objective is to find the shortest, most cost-effective and most impactful path to brand your company's message and value in the customer's sub-conscious.

You will gain great insight into the following areas of focus:

  • Marketing Communications and Promotion Strategy 

  • Customer Behavior

  • Advertising

  • Targeted Marketing Research and Intelligence

  • Brand Strategy

  • Product Development

  • Price Strategy

  • Channel Distribution Strategy

In a Meeting


Image is Everything 

Craftworks offers specialized guidance in the maintenance of a favorable public image. We advise clients on the best techniques to develop synergy between the public and your organization.  

We can help you correspond directly with influential people, responsible for producing news and disseminating information in other media forums.  

The objective is to maximize your positive image at a minimal cost.  

Don’t hesitate to inquire about the following benefits of hiring Craftworks:

  • Media Relations

  • Community Relations

  • Government Affairs

  • Social Media 



Increase Revenue

Craftworks can help you enhance your sales approach and ensure you have the right people in place to implement it successfully.  

Here are a few of the areas where we could help you develop an effective strategy:

•           Improving the priority focus of the sales team and cross-selling products

•           Earning vs. winning sales (SPIN)

•           Analyzing the optimal price point customers will pay 

•           Developing your value through brand identity and public awareness

•           Selling innovation, and identifying new business or partnership opportunities

•           Holistic approaches to securing new clients

•           Enhancing the sales strategy

•           Hiring and training quality sales representatives

Business Woman Smiling


Maximize Potential - Optimize Performance

Craftworks has in-depth experience with employee engagement.  Fulfilled and engaged employees are the key to success.  A happy workforce makes all the difference in the world.  There are numerous ways to facilitate a healthy work environment.  

The following are a few of the areas we like to focus:

  • Work-life balance

  • Inclusion and belonging

  • Leading High Performing Teams

  • Crisis Innovation and Management

  • Training

  • Bonuses and incentives

  • Career path development and support

  • Communications

  • Team building exercise and activities

  • Embracing diversity and tolerance

  • Employee Engagement Committees

Similing Team

Craftworks is an experiential motivator of ideas, intellectual visions, and cultural missions.

Emphatically, we are innovation, progression, and growth catalyst. 

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.